Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cautiously Optimistic

I am posting Friday's family blog post here at home on Thursday afternoon since we will not have internet connection until later on Friday at the apartment.

We spent our first night in apartment living last night. This afternoon, we had our visit to my Jefferson oncologist, Dr. Jon Glass to review my last perfusion MRI. The report is cautiously optimistic. The scan showed mostly dead tissue (necrosis) with no significant sign of growth. His recommendation is to do another round of chemotherapy (Temador pill) beginning the end of this month, run for 5 days and then take 23 days off, follow-up with another MRI late in November to see where we are at that point. We continue to trust in God's orchestration of all that is involved: prayer, medical options, etc. He gets to call the final shots but along with His oversight, I am on course to keep in the game until the 4th quarter ends. Only God alone knows the time of the 4th quarter ending.

It is sobering to be moving out of our house after 22 years. It feels like I am leaving a lot of me behind but we will make the adjustment.

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