Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Day

Today was the best feeling day that I have had over the last year. I got up this am feeling strong and great. We only had one medical appointment. I was up at about 6 am, then left for first medical appointment about 1pm. The whole morning, I felt strong and was able to get a lot done. I walked to the church office to get a box of books to scan and was able to negotiate the distance unaided. We have had a hugh snowstorm. Church was cancelled on Sunday because of so much snow, 12-18". The parking lot has been scooped clean.

Today, I have felt like there is a real possibility that I might get back to teaching at the college, Fall of 2010. I have let my dean know that I hope to assess my ability by Spring of 2010 so they can have adequate lead time.

We look forward to our oldest daughter, Kristin and family arriving from Texas on Christmas day.

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Nancy Tyler said...

Your feeling well is a great Christmas present to us all. Keeping the prayers going!