Monday, February 15, 2010

Continued Challenges

My condition continues to be a challenge in a variety of ways:
I have temors in my hands and lower legs that make it hard to type, hold things in my hands, and sometimes walk steadily. On Friday I saw my oncologist, had an MRI, and an Avastin treatment.

Sunday, although tired, I walked in my own strength (or was it in the strength of the Lord), our daughter Kara brought Nathan and Kailey for Grandpop and Grandmom to play with, and our good friends the Knobes came by for a visit. It was a great day but I did go to bed tired. I tried to do a project for someone but I couldn't get my computer to work like it should and it was hard to work with trembling hands.

Today I went to my vitamin C treatment. While getting out of the car my right leg gave way but fortunately I was not all the way out of the door, so was able to make it into the doctor's office.
   After I got home, tired, I hit the back of my hand on a door frame. Since my skin is so fragile from my chemotherapy (Avastin), it bleeds easily.Tiredness also leads to a lack of appetite. Sorry about  that for those of you who would like to have my appetite condition.

Isaiah 40:21-31 continues to be truth and reality in which I choose to put my trust. My hope is in His perfect work.

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