Friday, May 21, 2010

Long Distance Running

Today is another tired day, so what else is new. I did make it to my doctor’s appointment. Dr. Oswari is an MD with alternative care capability (acupuncture, etc.) and probably my favorite doctor. Today’s diagnosis: my hemoglobin is quite low which helps explain my tiredness. There is not adequate oxygen carrying capability to keep my energy up. So do I do a transfusion? It seems like only a band-aid since my next chemo session would again deplete my blood hemoglobin. This is typical of the day-to-day difficult medical decisions. I did make it to the doctor’s office on my own legs but hit the couch as soon as I was home. I am keeping encouraged by a memory project that I started May 6 and hope to finish in a few days.
It is like long distance running. I am striding, one stride after another; pushing off with every stride, focusing on thigh and leg strength to give me the distance but not too much so that I am over-stretched. I keep my shoulders and arms relaxed and pumping. Occasionally dropping my arms down and shaking my hands to keep relaxed. I stay focused, one stride after another, pushing, breathing relaxed, pushing, pushing and then finally the finish line is in sight. I increase my push on each stride, pick up the pace as much as I can, and finally I cross the finish line, exhilarated, satisfied. I high five my fellow runners and those who cheered me on. Praise God for His incredible enduring strength!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you both as you encounter yet another difficult decision. God is right there to help as you both know.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Joel, I just ran a 100K on Saturday, it was awesome. I know what you mean about distance running. Always in my prayers.