Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Challenging Decisions

We decided not to go to philadelphia tody for my chemotherapy treatment that was scheduled, believing that my body needs some additional time to recover. I am waiting to hear back from my oncologist. This continues to be a day-by-day wait and see challenge. It is also a decision that leaves us between a rock and a hard place. If the chemo is keeping the tumor stable, then will holding off on the Avastin mean that the tumor may grow. But the chemo is also attacking my blood and at what point will my blood not recover. To drop my hemoglobin down to what it was a few weeks ago is not great quality of life. These are times of challenging decisions and a time to learn can we trust in God and God alone. We are thankful for the many medical professionals that God has put in our life to help us.Dottie can testify that my energy and appetite is up and slowly I am gaining weight. I actually attended our church's men's bible study last night. It was wonderful to be with these great guys. I look forward to more.
   I have been rereading Timothy Keller's book, Counterfeit Gods; The Empty promises of money, sex, and power, and the only hope that matters. This echoes my statement, "God and God Alone" I anticipate that this will be a lifelong challenge. The positive side is the deep joy and satisfaction that comes when we find our greatest satisfaction is found in God and God alone. I encourage you to join this great journey of finding deep satisfaction and joy in Christ and Christ alone.

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