Thursday, July 22, 2010

The tough journey continues

Kristin posting here. Dad, Mom and my sister Kara met with the oncologist this last Wednesday and looked at the MRI of the tumor. The tumor has grown back to the size that it was before Dad started the chemo treatment, Avastin. Right now the course to address the tumor is to continue with the Avastin treatment and hope that the tumor will once again shrink. The oncologist gave about a 50% chance of that happening. Surgery is not an option because it would compromise Dad's vision. Dad will have another MRI in a couple of weeks to check on the tumor.

Please pray for energy and endurance for my parents. This has been a very difficult almost two years for both of them and the road is not getting any easier. Pray also for wisdom and strength for my siblings, Kara, Brian and Bethany as they are needing to step in more and assist Dad and Mom. God is and always will be sovereign and we trust in His plan. 


cheeringUon said...

Just want you to know we are praying here.

Don Spaeth said...

Dear Joel:
We have been & continue to pray for you & Dottie during this time. We pray Dottie is getting stronger & you Joel are not in much pain... we will be praying for your daughter & family as they arrive from Texas around 9/13... our hearts ache for you all. We think of you all the time... & we love you. May our Lord bless you & give you inner peace that only He can give... Don & Beth