Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tumor progression and challenges

Yesterday, my oncologist called to let us know that Last Friday's MRI indicated tumor progression. We will talking to him on Mon or Wed to discuss treatment options. Because of the load my care and concern has brought on Dottie, I need to focus on helping her as much as I am able and seeking outside help if possible Please continue pray that we will be faithful to honor the Lord in all we are, do  and say.


Nancy Tyler said...

I'm praying. It's awfully hard to keep everything together under such a load of stress and not feeling well.

Lord, please make your comforting presence known. Please give my friends rest and peace.

MacDonald Family said...

Thank You Nancy, you understand

Anonymous said...

Praying for you both for strength at this never ending challenging time.

God is our Rock - you both know that - sometimes that is unclear at tough times such as these.

Rely upon Him and your many friends, the lives of whom you have touched in amazing ways.

Here when you need me!