Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Bed, My Home

I talked to Dad today and he asked me to post this to the Blog.

I'm spending pretty much every day in bed and only getting up rarely because it's too difficult when you only have one leg and one arm that works. We are looking at some kind of respit care, right now possibly at the veterans medical center in Philly, where I can stay for and extended length of time and have 24 hour care. So far my main symptoms are perpetual tiredness, occasional headaches and vomiting but otherwise I seem to be resting well and getting sleep at night.

It is a strange time thinking both about the glories of eternity but also the necessary needs of my family. Philippians 1:23-24 describes my condition. Paul picks an appropriate word when he chooses "torn" to describe his feelings.

I'm glad that Dottie is home and we are enjoying good times together.

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cheeringUon said...

How happy I am that you and Dottie having the joys of closeness again of her back in the home. I am thankfkul too that you have been getting rest. It seems that by now you should have word on the respite care are needing. So glad your daughter can keep up these posts. Love and Prayers, Mary