Sunday, October 05, 2008

Best Relationship

I woke this morning at about 7 am after a good nights sleep thinking a lot about Dottie. I realized that I haven't said as much as I should on this blog about how much she means to me. Her relationship and loving attention, I am sure, is a big reason why I am doing so well. She is the one who initiated our more healthy eating a number of years ago. That alone may have saved my life. But it is her tender, devoted companionship that has had the best effect. After almost 36 years, our love is deeper and more valuable. A hug from her brings tears easily as I am reminded of what a precious gift she is. I still think I am the smartest guy in the world to have picked her out 36 years ago at International Baptist Church in Hawaii as a young naval officer. We are on this journey together as we have been in other areas. She, next to the Lord, is my biggest support. Every day with her as we talk and share ideas, the past, the present, the future, is a treasure. God is so good! Thank you my sweetheart. The anti cancer book I have been reading talks a lot about healthy relationships in the chapter on emotional health. Amazing how important all aspects of our life coordinate to bring the best health. We have a lot still to learn to cooperate with the One who designed us. I hope to be a good learner as well as teacher.

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