Saturday, October 04, 2008


My own situation has certainly raised our interest in the whole issue of cancer. I thought we were trying to eat and live a healthy lifestyle before now but we are exploring this whole area to see what else might be appropriate. A good friend of ours, Michelle, providentially led us to a book that I am currently devouring. She has gone through a number of cancer issues in her family so this is a ripe issue for her also. She has led us to some great resources and helpful advice. The book I am reading is Anti Cancer by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, founder of the Center for Integrated Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. His medical and personal story of his own fight with brain cancer is a book I have been reading with great interest. You can find it at Amazon. Also click on the book image at right. Make sure you watch the video by Dr. Servan-Sschreiber at his website for the book or on the Amazon site. This is a good intro to the content of the book. Check the reviews. They are very helpful. It gives you a lot to digest and think about. We hope it is helpful to others as it has been already to us. I am so grateful that I have a wife who was already in a healthy process so that the adjustments are not difficult. We would like to stay as productive to serve others as long as the Lord allows.

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