Friday, October 10, 2008

Follow visit to Jefferson

Yesterday (Thursday), Dottie and I spent a good part of the day meeting with physicians at Jefferson University Hospital. We saw our neurosurgeon briefly and then met with a oncologist and a radiologist. We appreciated the extended time they gave us to answer our many questions. The type of brain cancer I have is serious so we are probably headed toward chemotherapy and radiation treatment after next week. It would be a combination of 6 weeks of daily spot radiation and oral chemotherapy. Hopefully the side effects will be minimal. I am hoping that my good health will be an advantage in that area. We continue to explore all the nutritional aspects of this disease. We work with a clinical nutritionist who has worked with cancer patients. She has been God's gift with her skill and availability to help with our needs. We are extremely grateful for her skill and generosity. The whole area of how nutrition can aid in the fight against cancer is not one that the traditional medical field is familiar with. We explored this yesterday with our two physicians but it is just not in their training. I just ordered a book on Amazon, Foods That Fight Cancer: Preventing Cancer through Diet by Dr. Richard Beliveau. He is mentioned in the Anti Cancer book that I posted previously. He did some rarely funded work at the University of Montreal with some significant results.

Our surgeon was pleased at how well I looked. I should have had him record that compliment. My weight is now at about 146 so I am getting close to my college running weight so maybe I can get ready to run that 1500 meters in the senior Olympics. My heart beat is also running low. I was in the low 50's in the hospital and even at one point in the high 40's. I appears that my runner's heart is still there. We came home from the hospital and still felt good. It did not seem to wear me out. I met briefly with the elders prior to their meeting last night. It was good to seem them. I miss everyone and hope that at some point I can have some brief contact but know that rest is definitely important.

Kristin and Ranae leave next Monday. It has been so good to have them here but I know they need to get back home. I will miss them but am thankful for Skype and web cams that can be a somewhat adequate substitute.

Praying for everyone a lot. This is a good time to remember to stay close to the Lord.

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