Wednesday, October 08, 2008

God's detour

I posted my October church newsletter article, "God's Detour" on my pastor blog. It could probably use an addendum because of all that has happened.
Tomorrow (Thursday), we have our follow-up visit to Jefferson hospital where we will meet with our surgeon and others. We have a lot of questions and are looking forward to the meeting. Dottie continues to keep up the great nutritional cooking. We have benefitted greatly from a clinical nutritionist friend who keeps Dottie supplied with some great advice and material. We are on a high learning curve but so far everything I am being fed I feel very nourished. I am not sure I am still losing weight since I am not getting a lot of exercise. Dottie and I did go out for a walk yesterday. It felt good. She is glad that my pace is slowed so that we can walk together. Every day is wonderful. I miss people at Southwood but definitely have a lot of watch dogs making sure that I take this time to rest. It is great to have family around to enjoy.

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