Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prayer and Medicine

Last Sunday night was a great moment as my congregation gathered in a time of prayer. I don't know that there has been a sweeter time of prayer and fellowship. It was a treasured time in my life as was being able to attend Sunday morning worship and be with my church family. I hope this continues.

Monday was a busy and exhausting day. I met with a nurse at 8:30 am in Drexel Hill who is doing large doeses of vitamin C infusions intravenously. This is my second session of what I hope to continue at three times per week. You can check out this protocol and the hope that I have for its effectiveness here:
and here:
and here:
I continue my diet and homeopathic protocol but obviously I need some bigger guns to fend off this tumor. Everyone I talk to and everywhere I read you hear the same thing ... it is nasty. The standard medical community really doesn't have a solution even after many years.

Yesterday afternoon I met with my neurosurgeon and we agreed to wait another three weeks and meet again, do an MRI and see where I am at that point. He thinks I am doing great and believes I am in great physical shape. However I do need to gain some weight. I lost 5 pounds in my last emergency room stay which put me down to 131 pounds. That's 4 pounds less than I weighed in college when I was running long distance. Some of you would probably like to have the problem of having to put on weight. In my case I need it to function like a prize fighter in the ring. And fight I will! By God's grace, the prayers of God's people, by God's leading to medical resources and protocols that can lick this cancer, I hope to see some great things happen. Continue to pray. My greatest desire is that He is honored, otherwise this has all been an empty exercise.
We cam home at the end of the day yesterday, exhausted. I have another meeting today with a clinical nutritionist who will do some live blood cell analysis to check out whether there is a yeast infection contribution to my blood and see if there is anything else in my blood that can help us find a solution to attacking a malicious brain cancer. Stay tuned and stay in prayer. Thanks be to God for your special gift of grace and prayer.

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