Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Uh, Oh, Caught again

Two phone calls today, this time from two Oregon friends reminding me to keep people updated so that my faithful blog followers will know that I am okay. Thank you Jeannie and Bob for your faithfulness. I am doing great! I was in church last Sunday and announced that, if everything continues to go okay, I should be back in the pulpit April 5 with a message on "The Centrality of the Cross." Then, on Easter Sunday a message entitled, "How Finished is Finished" (John 19:30). Finally, on April 19 I will return to Philippians and my series, "Real Life, Real Joy" with a message on Philippians 2:19-30, "Real joy is experienced with like-minded companions." God has stored up a lot in this guys life, I look forward to pouring out my heart on Sunday mornings but also aware that I cannot dump the whole load so I promise to be judicious in my delivery but also I am looking forward to some attentive listeners and appliers. God has us on a journey and we don't want to miss what He has for us.

I continue to feel great. I have been back in my office at church yesterday and today. It has been great reconnecting with my church congregation. They are a special bunch of people and filled with all kinds of grace. It is sometimes overwhelming to be the recipient of their grace, but it is also a privilege.

I am believing that I am on a good health track and until God indicates otherwise, I am trusting that this course is leading to some good results but God, obviously will have the final say.

One of our missionaries asked me recently what I could pass on about understanding suffering. I am still in the process of learning. Compared to someone like Joni Eariskson Tada, I don't think I have learned a lot. Here is a link to a presentation that Joni Tada made at Dallas Seminary Chapel on a theology of suffering. I believe she is most qualified to speak on this topic and one to be admired for the depth of Christian character that she has allowed the Lord to form in her life.

http://www.dts.edu/media/series/?SeriesID=90 At this link if your computer is capable you can either listen to the audio of her chapel presentation or watch a video of her chapel message.

God is good and today is another good day. Of anything I have learned, it is that at the bottom of everything, I must trust God. Do I want Him to reveal what He has for me in the days to come? Yes, if they are good things but His constant message rings the same, "Do you trust me." My Father sent His Son and paid fully for my sin so that I can have an intimate relationship with Him for now and on into eternity. That is a great God and one to be trusted in all things.

Today is another great day because of Him. Let's rejoice and be glad!

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