Saturday, June 13, 2009

Extra Hurdles

In college, at Oregon State University, Coach Wagner had me run, one time, in practice, the steeplechase. This has to be the most grueling race on the track field. You think you have settled into a running pace when another hurdle comes along. These are stationary hurdles, not the easily kick over kind, and, oh yes, then there is the water jump. An extra hurdle just got tossed onto the track a few days ago. I have an AMD dual core Windows XP desktop system with a c-drive (150GB) and a d-drive (400GB). The c-drive has my programs and the d-drive has my data. I have been waiting for someone to configure a second 400gb sata drive in an external enclosure to serve as back-up. As is often the case, before I could back up, my d-drive has either had a physical malfunction or the file structure has been damaged. I have 330gb of crucial data that needs to be recovered. I did purchase yesterday a Western Digital 1TB external drive but I have, so far, been unable to get the d-drive to either show up or chkdisk reports unreadable file structure.

This is a huge hurdle. I thought about contacting Tim and Abby on NCIS but don't have contact info for them. If anyone knows how to recover a hard drive, please let me know.


Mike said...

Hey Pastor Joel, I have a few things you could try, just left a voicemail with my phone number if you need any help!

Jim Clark said...

Sounds like my Mac computer & I may need to take a northeast excursion and attempt some major data recovery.