Thursday, March 25, 2010

Walking Progress

 Even though I have had some tough days over the last few weeks there has also been some good progress. Twice over the last few weeks I have gone for a walk in the neighborhood and covered 1 mile. I had me continuing vitamin C infusion. Next week is another chemo infusion. My oncologist indicates he would expect ongoing steady condition of the tumor. I am wondering if my other treatments can do the same and discontinue the chemo and see if the other treatments: vit C, mistletoe, cold laser therapy, artemisia, etc plus a hugh number of supplements. Pray for Dottie and the meal load and supplement schedule. It gets overwhelming many times. I am looking forward to inviting you to a “going away tumor” party.

Last Wed some good friend, Marc and Janie came by to kick off my birthday in true Italian fashion. Dottie and I cannot thank God enough for their strategic and uplifting friendship. You all who are praying are keeping us uplifted.

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