Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today was some nit picky challenges in the car driving to Linwood, NJ (near Atlantic City) for a meeting with my clinical nutritionist, to do some live blood cell analysis through her dark field microscope. I get to see what she sees on a computer monotor hooked up to her microscope. Result: high yeast and fungus in my blood stream. (most likely due to the chemo)Some prescription meds hopefully will correct. hemoglobin is low so some supplements have been ordered to address this. O boy, more pills.

BBut I had already chosen to taken 'challenges' as God-opportunities and see how He is going to work it out.
This route is so much better on the thought life and heart and so much more enjoyable for others to live with. So I press on for on for better days. we face some possible difficult decisions, do I continue to let the chemo ravage my bodily system or can my oncologist allow for more days in-between infusions (now at ea. 3 weeks), so my body can recover. As usual we will take information and pray and decide. Thanks, prayer team.

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